For the contemporary musical, keyboard books often present the daunting task of translating dozens or hundreds of "patches" - different sounds to be played via synthesizer. Sometimes these are straightforward, but as the technology evolves they are becoming increasingly complex.

At Stage Sounds, we use Apple's MainStage (the same software used in pits on Broadway and National Tours) to pre-program all of the patches (including sound effects, harp glissandi and detailed splits / layers) into one simple file that you can run via any Apple computer. This enables you to hook up your keyboard and easily switch from one patch to the next throughout the entire show. You get all of the authentic sounds without having to wade through the complicated music.


Here is an excerpt of the 2013 revival of “Pippin” demonstrating the complexity of the keyboard programming (this is from the keyboard 2 book). All of these sounds are intended to be programmed into ONE PATCH:


And here is a screenshot of Stage Sounds' programming for the patch:


This is just one of many examples throughout this particular book of patches that simply cannot be "faked". In order to perform this part (and the show!) accurately, the keyboards must be programmed according to the specifications in the books. And Pippin is just one of an increasingly long list of shows which require this type of technology to effectively pull of the music.

Let Stage Sounds help you navigate your next production!

Our designs are thoroughly tested and guaranteed for both quality and completeness, and will save your Music Director and/or musicians dozens (if not hundreds) of hours of painstaking work. It’s as simple as downloading a file and connecting your hardware. That’s it — literally “plug and play"!